Lifting: Crane components & accessories up to 5.000t. single WLL

Mechanical crane components such Shank Hooks, Eye Hooks, Hook Blocks, Widebody Shackles, Crane Blocks, Swivel Hooks, Wire Rope Sheaves, Crane Rigging Shackles...available on stock or project based for any Crane below 5.000t.: Floating Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Tower Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Overhead Cranes, Offshore Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Construction Cranes, Pedestral Cranes, Port Cranes, Knuckle Boom Cranes, Semi-Sumergible Vessel Cranes...

Mooring: Chain & Ropes accessories up to 4.000m. subsea  and 5.000t. MBL

Considered "hardwares" Irizar products are the link between the different technologies used for mooring lines as steel chain, wire rope or fiber / textile solutions: ROV chain hooks, mooring shackles, swivels, H-Links, ROV shackles, triplates, master links...

Heavy Duty, Forged and Load Tested

Any product with these 3 key requirements is an Irizar product. All Irizar products are generally for Extremely High WLL forged with two different technologies: Close Die & Open Die Forging. Old non forged critical products are being replaced by Forgings such Hooks, Sheaves, Swivels, Shackles...

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