Digital Transformation recognition

Awarded by Spyro

SPYRO met in San Sebastian more than 200 professionals to deepen the digital transformation of organizations.
"The competitiveness of companies goes through their digital transformation. Nowadays, not joining the digital age is not an option ", underlines Ricardo González, general director of SPYRO.

The Basque technological SPYRO met on October 5 at the Technology Park of San Sebastian more than 200 professionals in its 21st Congress, under the slogan: "Welcome to a new era: business opportunities in the era of digital transformation." Throughout the morning, attendees and speakers had the opportunity to deepen the possibilities that digital transformation offers to companies, as well as the organizational and personal changes that this new revolution implies. There was a debate on how technology makes possible innovation in products, services and processes, so that companies can gain in productivity. "The challenge is to always make an industry more competitive and reap greater successes in a global environment. This, irremediably, goes through the digital transformation ", underlined Ricardo González, general director of SPYRO. This digital revolution, he added, "is not just technology. It has a lot to do, above all, with how people change to adapt to the new digital scenario and how companies adapt. Nowadays, not joining the digital era is not an option. To get on it, is to create real possibilities to continue existing in the future and, for that, it is essential to be adventurous and restless, values ​​that we share in SPYRO ", emphasized Ricardo González. For his part, Garikoitz Agote, Director of Economic Promotion of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, stressed at the opening that the digital transformation "places us people and companies in a new era. This new digital revolution is in an incipient but accelerated phase. It is, and will be with greater intensity, an essential lever for the survival of our companies, "he said. Xabier Bastarrica, commercial and marketing director of SPYRO, spoke about the new organizational culture that brings with it the digital transformation of SMEs. "Our model of working and relating is changing. The fourth industrial revolution is going to have an impact on people's lives, the company culture and business model. The culture of change that we are experiencing is a search for continuous improvement. An excellent digital transformation strategy happens because the whole organization believes in it and knows it; If there is no illusion for change, we will never succeed, "he said. In addition, a round table was held at the Congress to discuss the digital transformation of SMEs, highlighting aspects such as digital transformation is an opportunity for SMEs, "that can improve their processes and achieve a great transformation" just by digitizing 3 or 4 aspects of your organization "; besides being an obvious competitive advantage for companies. The Congress also served to raise awareness of various solutions and developments related to the connectivity and intelligence of factories, integrated technologies, solutions for real-time risk management or solutions in the cloud, among others. The conference was attended by speakers from companies and organizations such as Oracle, Vixion, Khegal Aeronáutica, SPRI, Adegi, CounterCraft, Axesor and Sensornor. Closing and SPYRO Awards Arantxa Tapia, counselor of the Department of Economic Development and Infrastructure of the Basque Government, was in charge of closing the 21st SPYRO Congress, which was attended by not only professionals from the Basque Autonomous Community, but also from other communities such as Andalusia, Galicia, Catalonia, Canary Islands, or Navarre, among others. In her speech, Tapia stressed that "we talk a lot about digitization and the cloud and, for this to be a reality, we need a good network infrastructure. As the Government, she said, we have considered that this connectivity reaches the maximum number of places, so that we all have the same opportunities and we are a well-connected Euskadi. " In this line she added that "the more connected we are, the better opportunities we have, but also the risks; That is why cybersecurity is crucial. Here we have also put a special focus with the Basque Cybersecurity Center, with which we intend to provide service and grow Basque companies, not compete with them, "she said.

Within the framework of its 21st Congress, Spyro presented the SPYRO Awards that recognize the trust and commitment of the companies that participate in the company's Customer Committee. This initiative began its journey in a pioneering way fifteen years ago with the aim of knowing first hand the suggestions and needs of SPYRO users, maintaining a constant feed-back with its customers.

The companies that received the recognition are:  Aceros Moldeados de Lacunza, Bexen Medical, Grupodesa, Irizar Forge, Ingapan, Egatel, Monag, Fegemu Automatismos, Fermax, SMG, Orbinox and Turbo Motor Inyección.



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