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WORLD NUCLEAR EXHIBITION. Paris, 26-28 June (Villepinte)

In 2 weeks Irizar Forge is exhibiting at WNE (World Nuclear Exhibition) event. Attended by Managing Director Maria Lasa Irizar the stand will be located in Hall 7, A-142 .

Irizar Forge is attending Nuclear worldwide industry and has participated last 20 years and specially last 5 years in European, American and Asian projects, but also in worldwide global projects leaded by International Scientific Community as ITER project. ITER project is different from other nuclear projects: its the most challenging R&D global nuclear project for the International Community, that hopefully will be reproduced to commercial scale and producing energy by 2035. 

Everybody already knows that creating energy by 2 atoms fusion process is a clean, cheap and an inexhaustible source of energy; but still in XXI century the human been has two challenges: one is the technology control to ensure the fusion process avoiding any accident (safety) and the other one is where to deposite nuclear waste (environmental).

Located close to Marselle where the future reactor concept is being developed, ITER technological challenge is how to get and keep 100 million Celsius temperature without anything meltin. In 7 words: to put the sun in the box.

Come to Paris 26-28 June to see all latest news about Nuclear Industry: ask for invitations to


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