Oil and gas fields are mainly located beneath inland waters in offshore areas around the world, and in the oil and gas industry the term subsea relates to the exploration, drilling and development of oil and gas fields in underwater locations.

The development of subsea oil and gas fields requires specialized equipment. The equipment must be reliable enough to safe guard the environment, and make the exploitation of the subsea hydrocarbons economically feasible. The deployment of such equipment requires specialized and expensive vessels,

which need to be equipped with diving equipment for relatively shallow equipment work (i.e. a few hundred feet water depth maximum), and robotic equipment for deeper water operations. Any requirement to repair or intervene with installed subsea equipment is thus normally very expensive. This type of expense can result in economic failure of the subsea development.

Most common solution provided by IRIZAR are forged mooring components used for Subsea Industry. Mainly, Plet Hooks, Quick Connect Hooks, Chain Hooks, ROV Hooks, Shackles and Chain Link & Swivels.

In all cases, safety factors are extremely important due to the high specifications required. IRIZAR standard safety factors are 1 to 5 showing high performance level for toughest environments on most deep waters. Thus, current certifications from ABS, and DNV as chain accessories provides required guarantee in order to be chosen as high prestige partner for mooring forged components.



Year 2017
Ref. Project Kommandor 3000
Ref. Product Forged ROV Hooks
Final Customer Subsea 7 Brazil
Year 2017
Ref. Project -
Ref. Product 100t Swivel Hook
Final Customer MacGregor
Year 2016
Ref. Project Kaombo Pr, Angola
Ref. Product 3 X 250t ROV Hooks
Final Customer Technip
Year 2016
Ref. Project Skandi Acu, Buzios.
Ref. Product Mooring Hooks 600,450,200 & 100t.
Final Customer Cortland
Year 2016
Ref. Project SPM Malongo Field Offshore Cabinda
Ref. Product H-Links SWL 150t.
Final Customer Marit
Year 2016
Ref. Project Skandi Acu, Buzios.
Ref. Product EHS Adaptors SWL 600,400,300 & 200t.
Final Customer Technip - DOF
Year 2016
Ref. Project Skandi Acu, Buzios.
Ref. Product Subsea Swivels SWL 600t.
Final Customer Technip - DOF
Year 2015
Ref. Project Skandi Acu & Buzios.
Ref. Product Swivels 600t.
Final Customer Technip Brazil
Year 2015
Ref. Project Skandi Acu; Buzios; Olinda and Recife
Ref. Product Forged Adaptors 600,400,300 & 200t.
Final Customer Technip Brazil
Year 2015
Ref. Project Long Term Mooring of FPSO P74
Ref. Product Shackles MBL 1.250t.
Final Customer Lankhorst
Year 2015
Ref. Project AEGIR 2000mT
Ref. Product 2-prong A&R hook
Final Customer Heerema Marine Contractors
Year 2015
Ref. Project MWCC Surf Shore Base.
Ref. Product Riser Tether Hooks & ROV Hooks.
Final Customer Technip US
Year 2015
Ref. Project FSPO
Ref. Product ROV Hook 400t.
Final Customer Sapura Kencana
Year 2015
Ref. Project Shah Deniz Stage II Project.
Ref. Product ROV Hooks.
Final Customer JP KENNY
Year 2015
Ref. Project Lewek Constellation FSPO Vessel.
Ref. Product ROV Hook 700t.
Final Customer EMAS
Year 2014
Ref. Project J-Lay Tower Upgrade.
Ref. Product ROV Hook 750t.
Final Customer Saipem Italy
Year 2002-2020
Ref. Project Thunder Horse BP.
Ref. Product Pipe Line Equipment Terminal 600t. Hook
Final Customer FMC Technologies (US)
Year 2011-2014
Ref. Project Chain Accessory Custom Hook.
Ref. Product Pelikan Hook for 120mm. (d.) Chain (KS Hook).
Final Customer Petrobras (Brazil)
Year 2014
Ref. Project Balnaves Development Project
Ref. Product ROV Hooks / Subsea Swivels SWL 100-700t.
Final Customer Odebrecht Oil Services Ltd
Year 2014
Ref. Project Cabiunas Project
Ref. Product ROV Hook SWL 1.500t./ Y-Piece Connector
Final Customer Saipem
Year 2013
Ref. Project Cabiunas Project
Ref. Product ROV Hook SWL 1.500t.
Final Customer Petrobras
Year 2013
Ref. Project Gorgon Heavy Lift Tie&Ins
Ref. Product Subsea Swivel SWL 1.300t.
Final Customer Chevron Australia
Year 2013
Ref. Project FPSO Cidade de Ilha Bela. FPSO Cidade de Mangaratiba.
Ref. Product ROV Hook 900t.
Final Customer Petrobras
Year 2012
Ref. Project Samsung Heavy Industries Vessel FDS2.
Ref. Product ROV Hook 825t.
Final Customer Saipem
Year 2012
Ref. Project Arabiyah & Hasbah.
Ref. Product 150t. Subsea Hook.
Final Customer Saudi Aramco


  • American Bureau of Shipping

    American Bureau of Shipping

    Awarded in 2010, this factory cert further qualifies us in American industrial, naval, and marine markets.

  • Det Norske Veritas

    Det Norske Veritas

    DNV OS E-302
    Factory certification, earned in 2005, it qualifies us to enter into naval, marine and North Sea offshore markets (among others). One of Irizar Forge target markets.


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