Offshore construction is the installation of structures and facilities in a marine environment, usually for the production and transmission of oil, gas, power, electricity and other resources.

Offshore construction includes the design, construction, and/or repair of offshore structures, both commercial and military, which includes Subsea, Offshore Platforms, Floating Oil & Gas Platform and lately renewable energy (Wind Farms).

Construction in an offshore environment is a high difficult and dangerous activity. Construction and pre-commissioning is typically performed, as much as possible, on land or inshore areas. To optimize the costs and risks of installing large offshore platforms, different construction strategies have been developed.

Regarding the types of lifting appliances, the main types of cranes used are Heavy Lift with Jib, Mast, Luffing, Subsea and Heave compensation etc.

Forged components required on this environment are huge, for several purposes such as lifting (forged hooks, hookblocks and sheaves as main critical components) or fixing ( with high critical forged components) where IRIZAR is highly recognized as high level quality supplier on this Industry. Actually, certificates such as API, DNV, LRS or ABS provide its prestige as World Known Supplier for high critical and safety related technical solutions.



Year 2017
Ref. Project PSLV 550t DSME
Ref. Product 300t Swivel
Final Customer Technip - OOG
Year 2017
Ref. Project 1600t Leg Crane
Ref. Product 1600t Ramshorn Hook
Final Customer Van Oord
Year 2017
Ref. Project 3000t Offshore Mast Crane
Ref. Product 1200t Ramshorn Hook
Final Customer Boskalis
Year 2017
Ref. Project Johan Sverdrup Drilling Platform
Ref. Product 2 X Ø2300 Lifting Sheaves
Final Customer Statoil
Year 2016
Ref. Project 900t Heavy Lift Mast Crane
Ref. Product 4 X 600t Ramshorn Hooks
Final Customer Biglift
Year 2016
Ref. Project Offshore Crane
Ref. Product Double Hook Assembly
Final Customer Favelle Favco
Year 2016
Ref. Project Shah Deniz II Project.
Ref. Product 1.250t. DBA Main Crane Hook & Nut.
Final Customer Saipem
Year 2015
Ref. Project Moho Project (Vessel Global 1200)
Ref. Product Main 690t. & Aux 350t. HookBlocks
Final Customer Technip USA
Year 2015
Ref. Project FDS2/61541 Vessel
Ref. Product 600t. Sheaves
Final Customer Saipem
Year 2015
Ref. Project NORTH OCEAN 102 vessel
Ref. Product 250t. Swivel
Final Customer Mcdermott
Year 2015
Ref. Project SO5435 Project
Ref. Product 650t. Sheaves
Final Customer Amclyde
Year 2015
Ref. Project Skandi Açu, Skandi Buçios
Ref. Product Adaptors up to SWL 600t.
Final Customer TechDof Brasil
Year 2015
Ref. Project Castoro Vessel
Final Customer Saipem
Year 2015
Ref. Project FSPO
Ref. Product 350t. Subsea HookBlock
Final Customer Mcgregor
Year 2015
Ref. Project 5428-PR051
Ref. Product Bock Assemblies 45MT-30MT-10MT
Final Customer Amclyde
Year 2015
Ref. Project 5429-PR149
Ref. Product Bock Assemblies 20MT-175MT-Snatch Block
Final Customer Amclyde
Year 2014
Ref. Project 8 qty Ramshorn Hooks 1380t. SWL
Ref. Product HD-10000 Heavy Lift Vessel ( Floating Crane)
Final Customer Hyundai Heavy Industries
Year 2014
Ref. Project Normand Oceanic Vessel / Skandi Acergy Vessel
Ref. Product Block 400t. SWL
Final Customer Subsea 7 Uk / Norway
Year 2012
Ref. Project Deep Water Pipelay Vessel
Ref. Product Solid sheaves Ø1750 mm. diameter for 720t. SWL
Final Customer Technip
Year 2012
Ref. Project JC1582 upgrade of 250t. Hammerhead Crane to 325t.
Ref. Product Hookblock with 6 sheaves for 325t.
Final Customer Technip
Year 2010
Ref. Project Valder Vessel (Angola)
Ref. Product Travelling BlockHook + Quick Connect Hook 1.000t. for J-Lay Equip
Final Customer HMC
Year 2009
Ref. Project Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Project (NORD STREAM AG)
Ref. Product 30t. Recovery Hook
Final Customer -


  • ABS


    American Bureau of Shipping: Certificate obtained in 2010. Certifies us to delve further into the American market.

  • API-2C


    American Petroleum Institut
    (in process)

  • Det Norske Veritas

    Det Norske Veritas

    Factory certification, earned in 2005, it qualifies us to enter into naval, marine and North Sea offshore markets (among others). One of Irizar Forge target markets.

  • Lloyd's Register of Shipping

    Lloyd's Register of Shipping

    Factory certificate obtained in 1999. Certifying us to enter into the marine and industrial markets of the Commonwealth.


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