Scope of supply

Design & Calculation

Stress studies, Finite Elements Analysis, searching for materials maximum properties and safety factors are only some of all calculations performed before production, with the one only goal of finding the very best option and the most optimum solution.

Not limited to that, to face simulations to the real world: Design & calculation is a non-stop activity at IRIZAR FORGE and can be lined to all tests performed such as destructive tests, proof test loads and fatigue proof tests results are used to compare and guarantee simulations based on calculations results, and

consequently that the choice has been the right one.

  • New project based business: design & calculation to be approved by third parties as classification societies, to support customer projects development & execution teams.
  • Replacement after-market business: not limited to old design products replacement, IRIZAR service is focused to improve their products providing latest design, material grade and assembly solution in order comply with safety standards, rules & law in force.
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