Scope of supply


Design & Calculation

This is the first step to approach the best solution either for a replacement of an already existing equipment, or even for new equipment (construction crane). Overhed cranes, gantry cranes, mobile cranes  portal cranes, pedestal, … All onshore crane components design concepts are mainly based on new crane standards as per EN13001, and specifically EN13001-3.5 for crane hooks and hook blocks. Semi Sumergible Crane Vessels (SSCV), Floating cranes… All Offshore top site crane components and lifting equipment design concepts are mainly own designs followed by market rules as ABS, LRS, BV and DNV. In case of subsea lifting water proof solutions are applied. Offshore subsea mooring line accessories design concepts are own designs too also followed by ABS and DNV (mainly) market rules and specifications in order to guarantee long lifetimes with low maintenance costs.

Production & Processing

FORGING is the main process to achieve required high mechanical and physical properties for safety related items as IRIZAR products are.
Products such as CRANE HOOKS, SWIVELS and SHACKLES are produced in site by CLOSE DIE technology after standardization processes (based on international standards, rules or type of approvals) being a stock based product.
Custom products ROV and SWIVEL HOOKS and CUSTOM SHACKLES are produced in site by OPEN DIE forging in order to be as versatile + competitive as possible having short lead times and deposit stock for frame agreement customers.
Besides forging, auxiliary additional processes are performed in site to complete full scope of production: heat treatment, surface polish, machining, painting and assembly.

Testing & Certification

With strict testing protocols before, during and after production, final tests are the top ones, not only for being the irrefutable final proof, but also for classification societies, official entities, customers, end users who witness the final tests results by themselves.
Destructive & Non Destructive tests are carried out 100%, whereas utmost top tests are static & dynamic load test (PLT and MBL) and test loading. PLT is mandatory for crane hooks based on EN13001-3.5 and MBL is mandatory for mooring accessories based on DNV E-302 and ABS CHAIN GUIDE.

Stock & Distribution

Products produced under norms of standardization are stored in order to give the best solutions to our customers who demand these products.
These standard products are stored wherever there is demand, diversifying the products of IRIZAR FORGE around the world. The current logistics centers are in Germany, United States and Australia.


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